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Rosemount™ 470 Transient Protector
rosemount 470 transient protector
The Rosemount 470 Transient Protector prevents damage from transients induced by lightning, welding, heavy electrical equipment or switch gears.
In laboratory simulated tests, this device withstood 2,000 amps or 10,000 volts without damage to either the transient protector or the transmitter. This protector continues to shield transmitters after repeated strikes (up to 5,000 amps) and is designed with a weatherproof, stainless steel-cased protector, enabling full operation in the most severe environments.
Rosemount™ 470 Transient Protector


Temperature Range
–40 to 212 °F (–40 to 100 °C)
Power Supply
Two-wire transmitters: 45 V dc maximum; Low power and three-wire transmitters: 45 V dc maximum, 5 V dc minimum
Humidity Range
0 to 100% relative humidity


  • Prevents damage from transients induced by the effects of lightning, welding, heavy electrical equipment or switch gears for field-mounted transmitters
  • Protects transmitters after repeated strikes of up to 5,000 amps for long-lasting instrument durability
  • Withstood 2,000 amps or 10,000 volts in laboratory simulated lightning tests, providing proven reliability
  • Weatherproof, stainless steel-cased design functions in severe conditions, including high temperature and humidity
  • Options for two-wire, low power or three-wire transmitters offer application flexibility
  • Compatible with any Rosemount transmitter for instrument protection across a wide range of extreme applications


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