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Rosemount™ 3051N Smart Pressure Transmitter for Nuclear Service
The Rosemount 3051N Smart Pressure Transmitter for Nuclear Service is engineered to provide precision in differential, gauge and absolute pressure measurements with ±0.
075% reference accuracy. As one of the world’s first digital nuclear pressure transmitters, this device is qualified for use in Class 1E safety related applications per IEEE 344-1987 at SSE response spectrum levels up to 16.5 g’s, and IEEE 323-1983 (mild environment).
Rosemount™ 3051N Smart Pressure Transmitter for Nuclear Service


Output Signal
4–20 mA with Digital Signal Based on HART Protocol
Up To 100:1 (see Full Specs for complete details)
Measurement Range
Up to 2000 psig (13.8 MPa) Differential, Up to 2000 psig (13.8 MPa) Gage, Up to 4000 psia (27.5 MPa) Absolute
Housing Material
SST, Aluminum
Process Wetted Material
316L SST
Seismic Rating
SSE response spectrum levels up to 16.5g's
Radiation Rating
No rating
Steam/Pressure Temperature
No rating
Qualification Standard
IEEE Std 323™-1974/1983/2003
IEEE Std 344™-1975/1987/2004
Product Literature
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Contact Information
Please contact Rosemount Nuclear Instruments, Inc. at 1-952-949-5200 or [email protected] for the most current information available.


  • Qualified per IEEE Std 344-1987 and IEEE Std 323-1983 (mild environment) to meet industry standards
  • Provides ±0.075% accuracy for reliable and precise process measurements
  • Rangedown of 100:1 reduces inventory costs for cost-efficiency
  • Non-interacting zero and span adjustment reduce calibration time
  • Coplanar sensor/process interface allows for maximum mounting flexibility and can reduce flange stress
  • Adjustable damping up to 25.6 seconds for better process control
  • Internal diagnostics for simplified maintenance and time savings


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