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Roxar™ Downhole Network Controller (DHNC)
Roxar Downhole Network Controller provides unrivalled insight and control over production operations. The industry–leading equipment gives operators everything they need to establish an Intelligent Downhole Network (IDN), which can accommodate up to 32 sensors on a single cable. The highly accurate pressure and temperature information captured is invaluable in simultaneously managing a range of wells or separate zones, and gives operators better production control.
Roxar™ Downhole Network Controller (DHNC)


Maximum number of instruments
RS422, 10 Mbit Ethernet, RS485 (optional)
Cable requirement
1 TEC (mono or dual conductor)
Maximum cable length
16,000 m (52,400 ft)
Main Interfaces
RS422, 10Mbit Ethernet
Main Protocols


  • Provides power and communication to the Integrated Downhole Network
  • Provides data and diagnostics to SCADA
  • The DHNC card is IWIS compliant
  • The card can be placed inside a topside Surface Acquisition Unit or a Subsea Control Module


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