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Rosemount™ 1066 Single Channel Transmitter
Rosemount 1066 Transmitter
The Rosemount 1066 Single Channel Transmitter supports continuous measurement of one liquid analytical input - pH sensor, conductivity sensor, chlorine sensor, dissolved oxygen sensor or ozone sensor.
The design supports easy internal access and wiring connections. The large display gives excellent visibility for live measurements and displayed parameters. Conveniently, live process values are always displayed during programming and calibration routines.

Rosemount(TM) Analytical Minds on pH Sensors: Know when to clean or replace, reduce downtime

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Rosemount(TM) Analytical Minds on pH Sensors: Keep optimal pH levels and improve process efficiency

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Rosemount(TM) Analytical Minds on pH Sensors: Calibrate pH sensors and maintain measurement accuracy

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Rosemount™ 1066 Single Channel Transmitter


Power Supply
Supply voltage at the transmitter terminals should be at least 12.7Vdc. Power supply voltage should cover the voltage drop on the cable plus the external load resistor required for HART® communications (250 Ω)
R2 lbs/3 lbs (1 kg/1.5 kg)
Communication Protocol
HART™ Communications & diagnostics: PV, SV, TV, and 4V assignable, temperature
PV, SV, TV, and 4V assignable
One sensor input
Measurement Type
Measures pH levels, conductivity levels, chlorine concentration, dissolved oxygen concentration and ozone concentration with compatible sensors.


  • Fast and easy installation using Quick Start programming
  • Intrinsically Safe FM, CSA, and ATEX/IECEx Hazardous Location Approvals
  • Visibility of process parameters by utilizing HART® or FOUNDATION*#8482; Fieldbus digital communications
  • Effortlessly connect with PLCs and DCSs by choosing the HART® or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus communication options


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