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Emerson and Cisco Wireless Access Point
The Emerson and Cisco Wireless Access Point brings together OT and IT, helping digitally transform industrial environments.
Designed to be resilient, scalable and secure, this solution enables facilities to quickly access valuable field data for faster decision making. This hazardous rated, modular access point gives you the ability to streamline processes, while improving productivity and safety.

Emerson and Cisco Story - Industrial Wireless Access Point

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Next Gen Wireless Access Point: Enabling Digital Transformation

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Emerson and Cisco Wireless Access Point


Communication Protocol
WirelessHART, Wi-Fi, ISA100
Network Capacity
Up to 200+ WirelessHART devices (or) 200+ WirelessHART & 100 ISA100 devices
Power Supply
10.8 to 36 VDC, 44 - 57 VDC input voltage, 110 VDC / 220 VAC line power
USA, Canada, ATEX, IECEx, China, Japan, INMETRO
Operating Temperature
-50°C to 75°C
Hardware Options
Lightweight, modular design for greater deployment flexibility
Network Reliability
>99% data reliability with industry proven security


  • Install the most robust, secure wireless infrastructure with leading IIoT providers Emerson and Cisco
  • Our Wireless Access Point solution enables applications such as mobile worker, data backhaul, video, location, mobile collaboration, control network bridging and many others
  • Lightweight, compact design built for simpler deployments in extreme temperature ranges
  • Flexible connectivity and power options ensure that this wireless infrastructure can be deployed anywhere
  • Ability to leverage sensor data from critical assets to eliminate blind spots, and improve productivity and safety of operations
  • Wireless Access Point streamlines IT and OT network management for increased efficiency and simplicity network management
  • The Wireless Access Point solution is integration of the Emerson Wireless 1410S Gateway with 781S Smart Antenna and the Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point, delivering the next evolution of IIoT connectivity into a single solution


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