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Emerson Location Awareness (Obsolete)
This product is now obsolete.
Relevant documents and drawings are listed below.
Contact your local Emerson representative for your measurement needs.
Emerson Location Awareness (Obsolete)


± 10 meters
Battery Life
Anchor: 5 years @ 32 sec update rate
Tag: 6 weeks @ 10 hours operating time
Anchor: Universal mount
Tag: Flexible wearable options
Communication Protocol
Anchor: 5" Diameter (127mm)
Tag: 2"x 3" (50.8mm x 76.2mm)
Anchor: 1.10 lbs (0.49 kg)
Tag: 0.11 lbs (0.05 kg)


  • Safety Mustering: Get relevant-time visibility into which employees have checked in at their muster point
  • Safety Alerts: An employee in a dangerous situation can initiate an alert so the emergency response team can reach them as soon as possible.
  • Geofencing: Enables you to designate a perimeter around hazardous areas and send an alert when the perimeter is crossed
  • Geofencing: Helps you better monitor your contractors and other valuable assets, especially during atypical periods such as shutdowns and turnarounds, to ensure they are in the appropriate areas of the facility.
  • Social Density: Assign a rule for a maximum number of people allowed in a zone and an alert will be triggered when the maximum has been surpassed
  • Contact Tracing: Generate records or reports of personnel movement in the facility if needed enabling a faster response should an illness be reported
  • WirelessHART anchors are easily mounted throughout your facility and help form a mesh network to receive signals from personnel and asset tags
  • Battery-operated personnel and asset tags send relevant time signals to the anchors, enabling location detection within 10 meters
  • Tags are easily charged with a Qi certified charger and can remain charged for 6 weeks after being fully charged
  • Plantweb Insight Location application offers one, streamlined display for personnel and asset location, equipment status, safety mustering and more
  • Location Awareness is fully scalable and helps to enable your facility's digital transformation.
  • Before using our products, it is important that you review the health and safety information, and other information regarding the limitations of our products contained in the applicable user manual.


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