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IntelliSAW™ IRM Reader
The IRM Reader (Reader) collects sensor data, performs localized analytics on the sensor inputs and assigns a Modbus value for each connected sensor. The reader is designed to send Modbus data via RS-485 to a connected CAM-5 or head end system. Each Reader can connect to 4 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Partial Discharge antennas, 8 humidity and ambient temperature sensors and scan 12 passive wireless SAW temperature sensors
IntelliSAW™ IRM Reader


Compatible Devices
IntelliSAW Wireless Temperature Sensors, IntelliSAW iNFC™ Temperature Sensors,IntelliSAW CAM-5 - Continuous Asset Monitoring HMI, IntelliSAW Humidity and Ambient Temperature Sensor, IntelliSAW Partial Discharge Air Interface , IntelliSAW Air Interface.
Connection Type(s)
Communication Protocol


  • Enables the collection of data from the IntelliSAW passive/wireless temperature sensors, UHF Partial Discharge Antennas, and humidity and ambient temperature sensors.
  • Packages sensor readings into sharable RS-485 Modbus data for the CAM-5 or other head-end software.
  • Type tested for MV and LV electrical power asset installation.
  • Low power requirements, less then 4W