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Smart Meter Verification
Smart Meter Verification
Smart Meter Verification delivers complete measurement confidence with a diagnostic tool, reporting total meter health, without interrupting your process.
The diagnostics are compatible with a variety of Emerson flow products including Micro Motion™ Coriolis Flow Meters, Rosemount™ Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meters. Smart Meter Verification provides actionable remedies to common process instrumentation challenges - reducing downtime and increasing operational certainty.
Smart Meter Verification


Calibration Verification Run Time
90 seconds
Verification Report
Time Stamped PDF

Recognized by EPA, IEC (SIS), FDA, AGA, API, ISO, Russian VNiiMS, Alberta Energy Regulator, and other third parties as a method to extend proof-test and recalibration intervals
Coriolis Sensor Compatibility
ELITE Series, H-Series, F-Series, R-Series, T-Series, and HPC
Coriolis Transmitter Compatibility
1000/2000/3000/4000/5000 Series with MVD™

See Product Data Sheet for details
Magnetic Flow Meter Compatibility
8700M Series
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Compatibility
Gas Ultrasonic Meters – 3414/3415/3416/3417 Dual-Configuration Meters, 3418 8-Path Gas Meter
Host System Compatibility
Flow Transmitter, WirelessHART®, Modbus, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™, DeviceNet, ProLink III, Profibus, AMS Trex Device Communicator, AMS Device Manager, DTM-based host systems, and other digital control networks


  • Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meters:

    Smart Meter Verification Basic enabled in all Enhanced Core Processors to automatically verify measurement performance and detect corrosion and erosion damage within non-critical processes

    Smart Meter Verification Professional includes non-uniform coating detection and a time-stamped PDF verification report, which is recognized by many third parties to extend proof-test and calibration intervals

    Detect non-uniform coating, corrosion, and other common process instrumentation challenges to strengthen preventative maintenance programs and the implementation of Industry 4.0 (IIOT) strategies

    Continuous diagnostics alert users when to verify sensor zero and when a sensor may be too large for the operating flow rate

    Troubleshoot the root cause of process upsets, like multiphase flow, to ensure product quality and meter performance

    Verification results are recognized by agencies, including FDA, TTB, EPA, ISO 9001 and AGA-11, as a valid work practice in lieu of some or all calibrations or provings
  • Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meters:

    Electrode Coating feature identifies coating before it becomes an issue

    Grounding/Wiring Fault recognizes if AC noise is affecting the flow reading

    High Process Noise diagnostic and selectable coil frequency provide maximum signal stability
  • Rosemount Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters:

    Significantly reduce time previously spent on data analysis and troubleshooting with Smart Meter Verification Basic feature included in the latest 3410 Electronics firmware update

    Automatically scheduled monthly reports or select any available time period for on-demand reports (one day to 6 months)

    MeterLink offers access to scheduled or on-demand reports while reports for multiple meters can be pulled all at once through Net Monitor

    Detects transducer performance, electronic health, and flow diagnostics to report meter or process performance health with alarms and recommended actions


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