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Rosemount JuniorSonic 3411 One-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Cost-effective and reliable, the field-proven Rosemount™ JuniorSonic™ 3411 One-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter offers a single-bounce path design for accurate, stable performance during allocation and other non-fiscal measurement applications.
This next-generation design features ultra-fast 3410 Series Electronics that generate a wealth of predictive diagnostics in real time. MeterLink™ Software displays the diagnostics in an intuitive user interface that enables operators to expedite detection of flow disturbances to enhance measurement reliability while reducing maintenance time and costs.
Rosemount JuniorSonic 3411 One-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Line Sizes
DN100 to DN900 (4-in to 36-in)
Fluid Type
±0.2% of reading with calibration (±1.5% of actual flow volume without calibration)
±0.1% of reading for 5 to 100 fps (1.5 to 30.5 m/s)
Rated up to 100 fps (30 m/s) with over-range performance exceeding 125 fps (38 m/s) on some sizes
Operating Temperature Range
T-21 Transducers: -20°C to +100°C (-4°F to +212°F)
T-41 Transducers: -50°C to +100°C (-58°F to +212°F)
Electronics: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
Operating Pressure Range
T-21 Transducers: 1034 to 27,579 kPa (150 to 4000 psig)
T-41 Transducers: 1034 to 27,579 kPa (150 to 4000 psig)
Carbon steel and stainless steel


  • Virtually eliminate incremental pressure drop and reduce energy costs with the meter’s full-bore design
  • Improve maintenance practices and lower costs with no internal moving parts
  • Detect flow disturbances in real time with ultra-fast Rosemount 3410 Series Electronics to minimize uncertainty
  • Monitor flow analysis and receive an intuitive view of meter health with integrated Rosemount MeterLink Software
  • Enhance performance in harsh conditions long term with rugged Rosemount T-21 Transducers
  • Field-replaceable transformer module simplifies maintenance and maximizes uptime
  • Reduce manual errors with automatic calculations of AGA 8 Compressibility and AGA 10 Speed of Sound
  • Increase I/O with new Type 4 CPU Module with up to six frequency or digital outputs


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