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Micro Motion FDM Fork Density Meter
A direct-insertion Fork Density Meter, that offers installation flexibility with continuous, real-time density and concentration measurement in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks.

Fork Density Meter Overview

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Micro Motion FDM Fork Density Meter


Density accuracy
±1,0 kg/m3(±0,001 g/cm3)
Operating density range
0-3000 kg/m3(0-3 g/cm3)
Operating temperature range – short stem
–50 °C a +200 °C (–58 °F a +392 °F)
Operating temperature range – long stem
–40 °C a +150 °C (–40 °F a +302 °F)
Wetted parts – short-stem meter:
304 or 316L stainless steel, Alloy C22, Titanium, or Zirconium

Wetted parts – long-stem meter:
Alloy C22 for stem lengths up to 2 m (6.5 ft) long
316L stainless steel for meters up to 4 m (13 ft) long

Tine finish:
Standard, DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated, or electro-polished

Transmitter housing:
Polyurethane-painted aluminum or 316L stainless steel
Local display (optional)
Segmented two-line LCD screen.
Can be rotated on transmitter, in 90-degree increments, for ease of viewing
Suitable for hazardous area operation.
Optical switch controls for hazardous area configuration and display.
Glass lens.
Three-color LED indicates meter and alert status.
Display functions
View process variables.
View and acknowledge alerts.
Configure mA and RS-485 outputs.
Supports Known Density Verification (KDV).
Supports multiple languages.
Transmitter output channels
Available output channels (depending on the Electronics Interface option):
One or two externally powered (passive) 4–20 mA outputs
Channel A is 4–20 mA + HART
Channel B is 4–20 mA
One externally powered (passive) Time Period Signal (TPS)output
One externally powered (passive) Discrete output
One Modbus/RS-485 output Can also be ordered with a processor for use with a remote-mount 2700 FOUNDATION fieldbus transmitter
Meter approvals, calibrations, and certifications
Agencies & types of approval available:


  • Increase installation flexibility with continuous, real-time measurement in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks
  • Choose from a wide range of corrosion-resistant materials for measuring density and concentration of critical chemicals
  • Ensure friction reduction and improve coating immunity with Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating
  • Accelerate verification of meter health and installation with internal diagnostics
  • Support multiple simultaneous protocols for connection to DCS, PLC and flow computers
  • Expand usage with a hazardous area-approved, head-mounted transmitter that supports local configuration and display
  • Interact with our detailed schematic tool to learn more about our Dedicated Density and Viscosity Meters


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