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Roxar FSM Log 48 Area Corrosion Monitor™
The Roxar FSM Log 48 Area Corrosion Monitor delivers non-intrusive, permanent and cost-effective online area corrosion & erosion monitoring in remote areas.
By tracking uniform and localized corrosion and generating online actionable information for pipeline health, the Roxar FSM Log 48 provides operators with increased pipeline capacity, reduced risks of failure, and data-driven pipeline integrity management.
Roxar FSM Log 48 Area Corrosion Monitor™


Temperature (instrument):
–40°C — + 60°C (–40°F — 140°F)
Temperature Sensing Pin Matrix:
Low Temp/Buried: –40°C — +130°C (–40°F — 266°F)
Ex Classification:
Ex Certified Version: II 2G Ex e ia mb IIC Gb -40°C < T < +60°C (–40°F — 140°F)
Wired — Roxar™ proprietary Fieldbus SystemWireless: GSM and Wi-Fi
Number of sensing pins:
48 pins
Pipeline Outer Diameter
6 inches to 48 inches
Pipeline Type
Uncovered and buried


  • Continuous, online and permanent corrosion monitoring in remote areas
  • Based on Field Signature Method (FSM™)
  • High sensitivity of 0,1% of wall thickness
  • Non-intrusive, fast and easy installation directly on the monitored object
  • Access to critical spots on bottom of underground pipelines and easy retrofitting
  • Flexible data transfer via WLAN, cellular and built-in solar power options
  • Temperature rating up to 130°C (266°F), suitable for use at critical locations (e.g. in refineries)
  • Flexible and suitable for pipeline outside diameters (ODs) of between 6 and 48 inches


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