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AMS Asset Monitor AMS Asset Monitor

Time to Start Thinking INSIDE the Box

Installation costs and complexity have kept continuous online monitoring reserved for the most critical assets in the plant. Understanding vibration data from those systems required specific expertise. And combining that data with process data was reserved for the control room.

With the AMS Asset Monitor, innovation for monitoring balance of plant (BOP) assets isn’t out-of-the-box thinking – it’s thinking about what is INSIDE the box. The AMS Asset Monitor is an edge analytics device utilizing DeltaV CHARMs-based  technology to collect both vibration and process data from BOP assets. It applies embedded auto analytics to alert personnel to the most common faults associated with a wide range of assets. Operations, Process and Reliability staff can all assist in monitoring plant assets.

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The edge analytics device that will change the way you monitor assets.
<h5>The edge analytics device that will change the way you monitor assets.</h5>

Embedded Auto Analytics

The AMS Asset Monitor currently features the following asset health applications, with more under development:
  • Balance – detects imbalance
  • Alignment – detects misalignment
  • Looseness – detects mechanical looseness
  • Vane/Blade Pass – detects bladed component issues
  • Flow Turbulence – detects pump cavitation or fan rotating stall
  • Gear Faults – detects defective gears
  • Ratio – computes gear hunting tooth ratio matching issues
  • Rolling Element Bearing Defects – detects failing antifriction bearings
  • Lubrication – detects antifriction lubrication issues
  • Electric Motor Problems – detects basic electric motor faults
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Analysis and Reporting Software

Analysis and Reporting Software

Unlike monitors that require an additional software package to access data back in the office, the AMS Asset Monitor features internal functionality available via internet for analysis, reporting, and alerting capabilities. The monitor features an internal Logic Studio with pre-programmed application solutions for easy-to-understand analysis and alert reporting. Overall asset health status and alerts can be routed to Emerson’s Plantweb Optics asset performance platform, and detailed asset data to the control system by OPC UA. The internal web-based Asset Studio interface delivers asset information to the user’s mobile device or desktop thin client.


Easy and Cost-Effective Installation

The AMS Asset Monitor weighs less than 20 pounds, making it easy for a single person to mount near the asset being monitored. In this location, the device requires far fewer cables and installation time than a traditional monitoring system. Take the next step in your digital transformation journey by introducing online monitoring to the typically route-monitored assets in your plant.

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