Change Management: VCAT

Manufacturers are required to provide comprehensive documentation of their process to enable compliance with regulatory requirements. DeltaV Configuration Audit Trail is a powerful tool that tracks changes and manages revision information for any item in the DeltaV configuration database. Along with AMS Device Audit Trail for tracking field device changes, the DeltaV Configuration Audit Trail facilitates compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, OSHA, and ISO 9000 regulations and IEC 61511.

This application creates and maintains a configuration change history for configuration items, such as control modules, SIS modules, phases, operations, unit procedures, user accounts, and operator graphics. Comprehensive version control of a configuration item is automatically tracked and updated. The new version is time stamped and a history comment can be recorded when the item is checked back in.

The DeltaV security system provides the ability to grant privileges to individual users. Items may be checked out for editing only by approved users.