New England Controls announced today that it now represents a complete portfolio of control valves, pressure relief, butterfly, gate, globe, ball, knife, and check valves, thanks to Emerson’s recent acquisition of well-recognized valve products, including Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Vanessa, Yarway, Keystone, and nearly 20 others.

For New England Controls, being able to offer these products represents both an expansion of its valve portfolio, as well as its valve service capabilities, and marks the first step in moving toward a digitization of the isolation and pressure relief markets. Pressure relief and isolation valves are critical to plant performance and process integrity – but most of them are not connected assets. Developing a portfolio of digital valves will allow New England Controls and other Emerson local business partners to help customers increase safety and reliability.

New England Controls has delivered valve solutions, including control and isolation valves and engineered valve automation capabilities, to its New England-based customers for more than 50 years. The company has been a local business partner of Emerson since 1966.

With this larger portfolio, New England Controls can now expand its offering to include comprehensive pressure management solutions. For its customers, which represent a range of industries, including life sciences, power, pulp and paper, water/wastewater, food/beverage, chemical, natural gas, and other advanced manufacturing processes, this means that New England Controls can act as the main valve contractor, supplying all the valve requirements of their customers.

“Having the ability to access a full portfolio of final control products is important for our customers in New England,” said Ed Browne, senior vice president with New England Controls. “A strong valve portfolio, combined with our other capabilities in the DCS, asset management, and intelligent device segments, will allow New England Controls to be a stronger partner who can supply most of the automation requirements for our customers. This will help reduce the cost and complexity of operating critical processes.”

Taking advantage of a comprehensive solution from New England Controls comes with many benefits. Often, lead times can be reduced and the procurement process simplified. It will also be easier to ensure the best compatible technologies are being installed in the process because one organization is handling sales, service, and support.

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