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NECI Named On CRISPR Therapeutics ISPE FOYA Award, Third FOYA Contribution In Four Years

December 20, 2022
The CRISPR Therapeutics manufacturing facility in Framingham, Massachusetts was selected as the 2022 Facility of the Year Award Category Winner for Innovation by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).
The FOYA awards are considered the most prestigious awards in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and are given to organizations that demonstrate excellence in facility design, construction, and operation. The Innovation category recognizes organizations that have implemented novel technologies or processes to improve the efficiency, quality, or safety of their operations.
NECI contributed to the CRISPR facility's success by supplying its automation and control systems. This marks the third time in four years that NECI has contributed to a FOYA award-winning facility. NECI's previous contributions were in the categories of Operational Excellence with ElevateBio and Facility of the Future with Moderna.
Overall, the recognition of the CRISPR Therapeutics manufacturing facility and its partnership with NECI highlights the importance of innovative technologies and automation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. These technologies and solutions not only improve the efficiency and quality of production but also contribute to the development of life-saving therapies and treatments.

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