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Beamex MC6 calibrators with Emerson’s AMS Device Manager make calibrations seamless and easy for NECI

April 15, 2019

Beamex MC6 calibrators with Emerson’s AMS Device Manager make calibrations seamless and easy for NECI 


NECI finds Emerson’s AMS Device Manager Calibration Assistant SNAP-ON combined with the Beamex MC6 calibrator and communicator an ideal calibration system for several reasons: 

  • Easy to use and train less experienced technicians 
  • Doubles the amount of work they can complete in a day with the utmost accuracy 
  • Ability to execute a wide variety of calibrations with agility using one device 
  • Reduces the amount of equipment required to maintain and carry in the field 
  • Saves time of manually populating or adjusting vital data 

As a long-time Beamex customer, NECI has used Beamex MC5 calibrators integrated with Emerson's AMS Device Manager via the Calibration Assistant SNAP-ON application to perform and document their work for many years. Today, they benefit from the advanced functionality of the latest Beamex MC6 calibrator. Additionally, they can take advantage of the new communication option between AMS and the MC6, which Emerson and Beamex recently released.  

 Download the complete case study here.

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