Pulp & Paper

Would you like to multiply your workforce and increase their effectiveness without adding personnel?  Would you like your staff to have solutions that help them make better decisions through availability of better data?

In the rapidly changing and extremely competitive Pulp & Paper industry, NECI is uniquely positioned to help clients on a path to unlock the true potential of their mills and reach maximum performance. This is accomplished by combining PlantWeb technologies with Pulp & Paper process knowledge, along with maintenance experience and engineering technical expertise to create the SmartMill concept. The smart field devices and tools to interface with them provide an unprecedented opportunity to utilize predictive intelligence directing maintenance efforts where they are truly needed and focus attention on controls that are costing money due to poor equipment performance.

The results of SmartMill technology is substantial and proven. Installation costs of automation projects have shown up to 30% reduction in costs but that is a drop in the bucket when compared to the up 60% improvement in productivity of maintenance staffs and specific process improvements of 20-30%.

NECI can help with a full range of services including assistance in specifying the right control devices for the application, integrating smart devices to create the SmartMill, project management and execution of complete automation projects, and now we have wireless solutions to further enhance the cost effective collection of critical data.

NECI has provided automation solutions, automation repair services, outage planning, and training to the Pulp & Paper industry for over 40 years. Our portfolio of leading quality products  services, and technologies are familiar to most in the industry with Emerson brands such as Fisher, Rosemount, Instrument & Valve Services, DeltaV, PlantWeb, Entech, TopWorx, Hytork, and Bettis, and process valve automation brands including Xomox, TBV, ABZ, EIM and AVC.

To deliver maximum value to customers, NECI has continuously focused on providing local Pulp & Paper expertise, engineering, Pulp & Paper specific application capabilities, and technical support to provide comprehensive automation and optimization solutions. NECI has also invested extensively in local inventory of control equipment to cost effectively support customers quick delivery needs and reduce stores inventory costs.

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