Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry faces tremendous challenges — smaller engineering and maintenance staffs, stricter environmental regulations and more product diversification – to name a few. Using cutting-edge technology and years of experience, the NECI experts can help you improve mill performance, reduce energy use, maximize asset use, and stay in environmental compliance.

In a typical pulp and paper mill, there can be as many as six major steps within the process: mechanical preparation of the wood into wood chips; turning wood chips into pulp (digestion); chemical recovery; pulp whitening through bleaching; pulp stock preparation; and, finally, paper formation. These highly complex processes routinely face challenging conditions – including corrosive slurries, scaling, noise, and vibration. Mills are challenged with keeping the processes operating at peak performance levels that optimize yield and quality of the product while containing the cost of pulping, all while meeting product specifications. NECI helps pulp and paper mills with their toughest challenges:

  • Manage energy usage to keep the cost of utilities low
  • Precisely control chemical usage to contain costs and minimize chemical waste disposal requirements
  • Control steam pressures and temperatures, so steam can be used for activities like chip preparation, process heating, paper drying, boiler cleaning, energy production, and other applications.
  • Reduce cavitation damage and erosion to avoid unplanned shutdowns or maintenance.
  • Avoid problems resulting from scaling, like flow instabilities, pressure drops, and vibrations.
  • Reduce noise created by cavitation, flowing slurries, steam, or fluid leaking past a closed orifice

NECI has provided automation solutions, automation repair services, outage planning, and training to the pulp & paper industry for over 50 years. Our portfolio of leading quality products, services, and technologies are familiar to most in the industry with Emerson brands such as Fisher, Rosemount, Instrument & Valve Services, DeltaV, PlantWeb, Entech, TopWorx, Hytork, Bettis, and Keystone. Did you know that NECI offers a huge portfolio of flow products? Our solutions include control valves, isolation and shutoff valves, pressure and safety relief valves, regulators, actuators, solenoid valves, flame and detonation arrestors, tank vents and hatches, and much more.

Product Highlight – Keystone PCS17

The Keystone PCS17 is a bidirectional, zero-leakage knife gate valve. It offers a replaceable sleeve, which extends the longevity of the product. This is different from competitive solutions, which tends to be sacrificial. It offers:

  • Exceptional performance, with repeatable drip, tight bi-direction shutoff at zero line pressure. The shutoff doesn’t rely on process pressure for seat force. A standard, no-cavity seat for pulp stock applications is standard. Some competitive valves rely on process pressure for seating, and some have cavities on the bottom that get packed with stock, preventing them from closing.
  • Repairability, with the ability to be repaired in-line with replacement cartridges. The top-mounted stem nut eliminates the need to remove the yoke. This repairability means that you don’t have to throw your valves away!

  • Why is Keystone Better?
    There are competitive valves that are touted as being repairable, but the task of trying to get the dovetail pressed into the holder all the way around is challenging. Our drop-in cartridge is far superior. Also, stem nuts on competitive valves mount on the bottom of the yoke, which means the yoke needs to be removed for replacement. Not only is this difficult, but if the line has pressure in it, the gate could blow out. This could be a huge safety issue. With the Keystone PCS17, there is no need to remove the yoke.
  • Reliability, with a blowout-proof, full-supported perimeter seat.

Local Support for Maine Pulp & Paper Customers

Our Bangor office has 3-16” manual or automated Keystone PCS17 Knife Gate Valves in stock and ready to ship. We also have repair kits in stock.

Other Solutions for Pulp & Paper

NECI can also specify the right control devices for the application, and integrate smart devices to create an intelligent process, project management and execution of complete automation projects. Our wireless solutions further enhance the accessibility of critical data.

NECI provides a plant-wide solution. Digital automation solutions like DeltaV allow mill personnel to readily access more data, allowing for easier calibration and greater mill-wide visibility, efficiency, and management.

The intelligent field devices and tools to interface with the DeltaV system to provide an unprecedented opportunity to utilize predictive intelligence, directing maintenance efforts where they are truly needed and focus attention on controls that are costing money due to poor equipment performance.

To deliver maximum value to customers, NECI has continuously focused on providing local Pulp & Paper expertise, engineering, Pulp & Paper specific application capabilities, and technical support to provide comprehensive automation and optimization solutions. NECI has also invested extensively in local inventory of control equipment to cost effectively support customers quick delivery needs and reduce stores inventory costs.