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Provide Operators with the Necessary Skills to Adapt to Any Event

Provide Operators with the Necessary Skills to Adapt to Any Event

Your most experienced and best operators can handle almost any situation, and you need to transfer that valuable knowledge to new operators. Most formal training programs equip personnel with the knowledge of how to operate the plant under normal conditions. While helpful, those programs do not provide operators with the skills needed to adapt to an unusual event. You need your operators to be well-versed on any number of incidents that might arise. 
Mimic Simulation Software allows training managers to simulate unplanned process events and malfunctions in a virtual environment. The identical offline system appears and performs just like the actual plant, giving operators the hands-on training typically gained with years of experience. Process Snapshots in Mimic provide a one click restoration of the process and control system to saved conditions, allowing repeated training on key process events.

Mimic Simulation Software Features

  • Manage training events from a custom dashboard 
  • Trigger events operators typically encounter 
  • Allow operators to take actions on the exact same screens 
  • Score operator performance 
  • Reset the simulator to quickly begin new sessions 
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