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Establish a Scalable & Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure Roadmap Planning and Implementation

IT Infrastructure Roadmap Planning and Implementation

Early clinical stage CGT companies often have small IT staffs, yet it is important to begin early with robust IT infrastructure that is positioned to grow with the organization.

According to BioPhorum, IT systems make it possible to produce Cell & Gene Therapies consistently, cost-efficiently, and to tight timescales.Maximizing the potential requires introduction of Pharma 4.0 and digital transformation capabilities and these require a solid IT foundation.

IT Services We Offer Include:

IT Strategy Consulting
NECI experts will provide an assessment of needs and an actionable roadmap for implementing a scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure strategy.
IT Implementation
NECI has theĀ  expertise to implement your IT infrastructure for GxP and non-GxP areas. We can source, install, and configure the required networking, server, client, etc. hardware and software to meet strategic and regulatory needs
Cybersecurity Assessment, Strategy and Implementation

Cybersecurity Assessment, Strategy and Implementation

With broader use of digital technologies, Cell & Gene Therapy organizations are exposed to ever increasing risks. Effective tools, methodologies and process are needed to mitigate these risks The best starting point is a thorough assessment conducted by a knowledgeable resource. It is also imperative to have a sound disaster recovery plan.

Cybersecurity Services We Offer Include:

Cybersecurity Strategy
NECI can provide the expertise needed to assess your cybersecurity resilience and develop a strategy for making tangible improvements. This often includes a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to keep an accurate record of assets and their revision status.
Disaster Recovery Planning
Developing (and maintaining) a disaster recovery playbook can be challenging for a small IT organization. NECI can provide the expert guidance needed for a customized, robust playbook that will be an invaluable resource in the event of a disaster.
Cloud Services Assessment, Roadmap and Implementation

Cloud Services Assessment, Roadmap and Implementation

Cloud services are being used increasingly in all industries, including Cell & Gene Therapy. Doing so in a compliant environment requires careful planning by knowledgeable personnel.
Cloud Services Needs Assessment, Plans and Implementation
NECI can help you develop and implement a strategy to assess potential cloud providers to ensure that your regulatory compliance needs are met.
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