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Client Success

Why Train with NECI

May 19, 2021

Behind every company’s success is its people. When employees are at their best, the company and its operations benefit. Providing good training opportunities for employees help keep them motivated, productive, and at the top of their game, which is especially important for industries that rely on operational efficiency and reliability.

NECI, a Solutions and Services Provider for industrial automation and digital transformation, has a full range of training solutions that can help improve your workforce’s skills and ensure your operations keep running like a well-oiled machine.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should train with NECI:

Training programs are tailored with your needs in mind

NECI assesses each client’s specific needs and develops customized training programs that can help equip your workforce with the expertise they need to succeed at every challenge. Whether your team needs to configure or calibrate valves, predict machinery faults, or develop a control strategy, NECI has the coursework needed to prepare them. This gives your workers the necessary skills to contribute to the company’s short- and long-term goals.

NECI is a certified Emerson Impact Partner

A good training program is useless without the resources and roster of experts to carry them out. NECI is one of Emerson’s 21 strategically selected local representatives known as Emerson Impact Partners. This means NECI has access to tools, services, local subject matter experts, and technologies within and beyond Emerson’s portfolio to serve your needs. 

Flexible learning formats 

As with any training program, the medium of instruction also plays an important part. With NECI, you can opt for different learning formats to suit the needs of your workforce. You can go the traditional route, which can be taken at the NECI training facility, at an Emerson regional training center, or right in your own facility. This format has an instructor who can conduct customized classes with hands-on deep dives using the equipment and tools onsite.

Virtual classroom setups are also available where an instructor, based at an Emerson facility, leads virtual lessons while students in their own locations interact with other instructors, the equipment, and other students.

Option to learn at your own pace

NECI also offers an eLearning setup option, where students learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, online, with no travel required. In lieu of an instructor, a Learning Management System (LMS) monitors the students’ hand-on learning process.

Enhance the skills and capabilities of your workforce and empower them today. Learn more about our Training and Education offerings, or speak to a NECI Expert. You can also reach us anytime at 1-844-NECI-NOW (1-844-632-4669).

The hands on training NECI offered using their natural gas pipeline skid was phenomenal. I really learned a lot that I could immediately use in practical application.
TECHNICIAN, New England-Based Gas Company