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What the NECI and Northeast Controls Merger Means for Clients

September 8, 2021
NECI is merging with Northeast Controls, combining the two Emerson Impact Partners into a single source to serve our clients in New England and upstate New York. The merger aims to create a more comprehensive and streamlined solution for clients by combining the strengths and expertise of both companies. This combined company will operate as “NECI”.

The merger brings forth a synergistic combination of control systems and valve solutions. Clients of both companies can expect an expanded product portfolio, offering a more comprehensive range of options to meet their specific needs. The merged entity will provide an integrated approach to process automation, ensuring seamless compatibility and efficient operations for clients.

One of the most significant advantages for clients from this merger is the enhanced technical expertise and industry knowledge that NECI and Northeast Controls collectively bring to the table. Both companies have a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality products and services, and their merger further strengthens their capabilities. Clients can now benefit from a broader pool of technical professionals who deeply understand control systems, valves, measurement solutions, and other related equipment.

NECI and Northeast Controls have a well-established presence in their respective markets, and their merger expands their geographical reach. Clients will now have access to a more extensive network of locations, ensuring better availability of products and services. The merged entity can provide localized support and faster response times, catering to the diverse needs of clients in different regions. Whether it is technical assistance, maintenance, or emergency support, clients can expect a higher level of customer service due to the combined resources and capabilities of NECI and Northeast Controls.