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NECI Named on ElevateBio’s ISPE FOYA Award in the Operational Excellence category

April 11, 2021
NECI is thrilled to be recognized for its outstanding contribution to the 2021 Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) for Operational Excellence. NECI provided the automation and control supplies that enabled operational efficiency in the ElevateBio Facility that won the award.

The FOYA program recognizes outstanding achievements in facility design, construction, and operation. The Operational Excellence category recognizes facilities that have demonstrated excellence in the optimization of their manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and quality systems. This year's winner was a biotech manufacturing facility that showcased cutting-edge automation and control processes.

NECI played a crucial role in the success of the project, providing the automation and control supplies that enabled the facility's operational efficiency. NECI supplied a range of high-quality products, including sensors, controllers, and monitoring systems that ensured the seamless functioning of the manufacturing plant.

The automation and control systems implemented in the facility provided real-time monitoring and control of critical process parameters, ensuring consistent product quality and reducing the risk of deviations. This, in turn, enabled the facility to achieve exceptional operational efficiency and increased productivity.