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GREAT Values and a Passion for Outcomes
Our core values center on the concept of GREAT.

Generous Team Spirit

Teamwork and giving back to the community are important aspects of who we are.

Radical Passion for Excellence

Our Radical Passion for Excellence drives our mission and ensures we offer our partners industry-leading solutions.

Entrepreneurial Employee Owners

As an Employee Owned Company, we strive to balance business results with putting customers first.

Always Intellectually Curious

Problem solving through proactive innovation is the key to our future. Our employees are encouraged to never stop learning.

Totally Customer Focused

We are committed to empowering our customers to make exciting advancements in leading industries.
Team of lab techs looking at computer

Passionate About Outcomes

Our clients protect and save lives and manage critical resources in a rapidly changing world, and our mission is to enable them to achieve these outcomes efficiently and with quality.

We begin with the outcome in mind - like making renewable power generation even more efficient or delivering a world-saving Covid-19 vaccine in record time.  We believe that our outcomes focus, coupled with an innovative technology and business model mindset, delivers maximum impact, empowering our partners to advance the world.