Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

NECI is established as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Under this plan every regular full time employee becomes integrated as an “Owner” of NECI over the duration of their career. This unique set-up provides every individual to drive the success of the business from a perspective not available in most company settings.The success of NECI is a direct reflection of the high quality individuals that we hire and because of that NECI is committed to providing a rewarding career experience.

Health Insurance

Every regular full time employee will have the option of joining one of the plans that are provided by NECI. The options include, but are not limited to: Individual, Individual & Spouse and Family plans. Additional options include Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Long & Short Term Disability Coverage and an array of other offerings.


As your career progresses and you approach retirement, planning for that step in life is vital. To help with that process NECI provides access to a 401k plan that allows for employee contributions after they have been with NECI for a period of six months.

Educational Advancement

Because of our fundamental belief that knowledge drives success we encourage our employees to build on their existing educational foundation. With that in mind, we support those who seek to further their education by providing a Tuition Assistance Plan.


Understanding and being active in our community is a fundamental belief at NECI. In order to promote this, we are active in a number of volunteer opportunities over the course of the year.