Industrial Regulators

NECI and Emerson have an unmatched portfolio of products and services to support the process industries.

Self contained pressure reducing valves, otherwise known as regulators, and relief/back pressure valves are one of our specialties since our line of regulators can handle all fluids including air, water, steam gas, oil, chemicals, and clean steam, air and water.

Typical Applications Include:


  • WFI Back Pressure Control
  • Clean Steam Pressure Control for SIP
  • Clean Air Distribution


  • Natural Gas Supply and Distribution
  • Fuel Gas to Duct Burners
  • Fuel Gas to Gas Turbine
  • Fuel Gas to Boilers, Heaters
  • Low Pressure Steam Pressure Control
  • Fuel Oil Back Pressure Control

Pulp & Paper

  • Mill Air Distribution
  • Water Pressure Control
  • Low Pressure Steam Distribution
  • Atomizing Steam for Oil-Fired Boilers
  • Underfire Air Pressure Control


  • Natural gas regulation to gas fired devices like gas turbines, boilers, heaters, and furnaces
  • Natural gas supply and distribution within an industrial plant
  • Steam Pressure Control for steam jackets, heaters, and distribution networks
  • Instrument Air Regulation
  • Water Distribution Pressure Control
  • Tank Blanketing

The key to successful solutions is selecting the right equipment based on the needs of the application. We have a support structure in place that will work with you to understand the application and develop the best solution for you and your plant.