Electric Actuators

NECI is a major supplier of electric actuators for valve and damper automation. Below is a listing of the primiary principals that we representent along with a description of their key product offering:

EIM Controls, Inc

Now an Emerson company, the EIM motor operator has a long-standing reputation in Power, Oil & Gas, Waste & Water Treatment, and Marine industries. EIM features multi-turn and quarter-turn, gate and damper actuators utilizing electric, fluid, and manual gear operation. The TEC2000 Total Electronics Control Actuators offer discrete, analog and digital compatibility. TEC2000 features non-intrusive set-up and diagnostics, and Remote Display Module (RDM) that can be mounted up to 4,000 Feet. away for network control.

EIM also supplies the HQ Series electric operator which is suitable for most ball, plug, and butterfly applications in a lightweight, compact unit. Torque capacities range from 40 ft. lbs. to 2,170 ft. lbs. with single and three phase service, as well as 24vdc and 24vac power. HQ can provide on-off or proportional control for modulating service. NEMA 4 & 6, IP67 housings are standard with optional NEMA 7 and IP68 temporary submergence available. EIM is top of the line!


Bettis / Emerson

TorqPlus Series Actuators offer a unique modular design to allow for simple retrofits and upgrades to your valve installation. TorqPlus provides torque output from 100 in lbs. up to 20,000 in lbs of actual output. Modular construction allows the user to tailor the actuator requirements for on-off or proportional control, while providing for a variety of other electrical options. Suitable for ball, plug, and butterfly along with dampers, Bettis TorqPlus is a quality approach to quarter-turn electric operation.


*NECI is the official representative for Bettis products. Contact your account manager today for more information**

Keystone / Emerson

Keystone has a 70 year history of providing products known for their reliability, long service life, and reduced operation costs.  Well known for their industrial process butterfly valves, Keystone has a broad portfolio which also includes ball, knife gate, and slurry valves as well as actuators and controls.


*NECI is the official representative for Keystone products. Contact your account manager today for more information**

Keystone Actuators & Controls

Biffi Morin / Emerson

Biffi Morrin is focused on the advancement of actuation, offering a complete range of actuators that are technologically advanced, and provide maximum flexibility for voltage supply, operating speeds and torque options.   Biffi includes models with advanced features such as configurable Emergency Shutdown capabilities and extensive data loggers.  Bluetooth™ wireless communication is an option included in each actuator and may be easily upgraded to provide network system connectivity, supporting all major fieldbus protocols.