475 Handheld Field Communicator

The new 475 Field Communicator is the next generation in handheld communicator technology extending beyond device configuration functionality to provide advanced device diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities in the field and on the bench so users can work more efficiently.

The new 475 Field Communicator features:

  • Full-Color LCD Graphical User Interface: To support trend charts, gauges, graphics and aid troubleshooting.
  • Increased Memory: Store up to 1,000 device configurations in the 475 Field Communicator.
  • Bluetooth Communication: Recieve latest device descriptions and establish a quick connection between your PC and communicator.
  • Extended Battery Life: More than double the battery life of a typical NiMH battery.
  • Latest Version of Easy Upgrade: Latest version of the Easy Upgrade capability provides an interface for users to quickly and easily update their communicator onsite via the internet.
  • Comes Standard with ValveLink Mobile Software: Run valve diagnostics and troubleshoot on Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers in the field with ValveLink Mobile and easily transfer results to AMS Suite.

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