eLearning eStore

NECI is pleased to offer eLearning options through Emerson. The Emerson eStore offers students an online learning experience complete with CEU’s.

In an eLearning setting, students learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, online with no travel required. A Learning Management System (LMS) monitors their hands-on learning progress and is a great tool to help manage your time & costs when you can’t attend a factory, regional, or local training session.

Below is a list of eLearning Courses available:

In order to ENROLL in any Emerson eLearning course, you must visit “MyCONNECIT” – Educational Services’ NEW Self Enrollment Tool – CLICK HERE

MicroMotion Online I&E

Micro Motion Online Instrument & Electrical (I&E) e2353

This online training is targeted for individuals who startup and maintenance Micro Motion Coriolis meters.Our Price: $400.00

AMS Device Manager 7020

AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager Primer e7020

This course is for maintenance personnel and managers responsible for understanding the benefits of using AMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager.Our Price: $150.00

DeltaV Analyze 2.0

Features Training on DeltaV Analyze 2.0 e7045

This course is for personnel who will be using DeltaV Analyze in their alarm management program. This on-line course includes audio presentations, quizzes, and up to a four hour access to DeltaV Analyze.Our Price: $150.00

Batch Analytics Model Building

Batch Analytics Model Building e7046

This course is designed for Chemometricians, Process Engineers, Quality Engineers and Process Control Engineers.Our Price: $900.00

DeltaV Virtual Studio

Installing DeltaV Virtual Studio 2.3 eDVS23

NEW! This course is designed for control system administrators, IT administrators, or any other personnel installing DeltaV Virtual Studio 2.3.Our Price: $50.00

DeltaV Operator for Batch

DeltaV Operator (v11) Interface for Batch e7014

This is an interactive 16-hour on-line course with DeltaV screens including audio presentations, demonstrations, practice sessions, workshops, quizzes and a final examination.Our Price: $875.00

Batch Analytics Operator

Batch Analytics Operator e7044

This course is designed for operators, process engineers, and management. This 6 hour (average duration) on-line course provides an orientation of Batch Analytics and how it is used in a production environment.Our Price: $675.00

Fundamentals of Vibration

Fundamentals of Vibration (v1/12) e2069

This e-learning course is intended for students with no prior experience with vibration analysis.Our Price: $250.00


Fundamentals of the CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer e2130

Emerson’s Machinery Health Management training now includes a Fundamentals of the 2130 eLearning course, designed to provide you with the tools you need to perform data collection using the CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer.

Our Price: $299

Fundamentals of CSI2140

Fundamentals of the CSI 2140 e2140

This eLearning course is intended for individuals with no prior or very little experience with the CSI 2140 analyzer. The participants of this course will be given general information about the analyzer, and shown how to navigate through the various screens of the CSI 2140.Our Price: $499.00

Vibration Analysis AMS Machinery Manager

Vibration Analysis-AMS Machinery Manager e2074

This e-course provides thorough introduction on the Vibration Analysis module in the V5.2/V5.3 AMS Machinery Manager software. With the V5.2/V5.3 version of the Vibration Analysis module, powerful tools for the analysis and comparison of multiple types of data are right at your finger tips.Our Price: $50.00

Oilview for AMS Suite

Oilview for AMS Suite e2083

This course is designed for individuals using the OilView instruments to collect on-site oil analysis data. The course is designed for new as well as experienced OilView users who wish to take advantage of the more advance features of the AMS Machinery Manager software.Our Price: $499.00

Introduction to Fisher Controls

Introduction to Fisher Control Valves e1500

This course introduces the basic terminology of control valve types, uses, roles, flow characteristics and various entities that define codes and standards for final control devices.Our Price: TBD Call 800-338-8158

Introduction to Fisher Controls

Fisher Sliding Stem Control Valve Basics e1501

NEW! This course introduces the basic definition of sliding stem control valves, types of sliding stem valves, their common components, guiding methods, typical uses, flow characteristics, the general sizing capacity, and selection guidelines.  Our price: TBD Call 800-338-8158

Introduction to Fisher Controls

Fisher Rotary Control Valve Basics e1502

NEW! This course introduces the basic definition of rotary control valves, defines the body types and styles of rotary valves, as well as their common components, flow characteristics and considerations, and finally the general sizing capacity and selection guidelines.   Our price: TBD Call 800-338-8158

Introduction to Fisher Controls

Fisher Pneumatic Actuator Basics e1503

NEW! This course introduces the basic definiton of an actuator, lists the types of actuators for sliding stem and rotary valves, states the general components of an actuator and lists the general actuator selection guidelines.   Our price: TBD Call 800-338-8158