SVF Flow Controls, Inc.

NECI is your EXCLUSIVE distributor of SVF Flow Controls, Inc. Ball Valves, High Purity Ball Valves, Control Valves, Actuators, and Custom Valves

For over 30 years, SVF Flow Controls has been the leading manufacturer of ball valves, actuators, and controls for High Purity, Sanitary, High Pressure, and all other industrial applications. See below for a quick reference to various product categories & give NECI a call TODAY to determine which SVF Flow Controls product is right for you!

SVF Flow Controls, Inc now distributed by NECI
SVF Flow Controls Industrial Valves Industrial ValvesIndustrial valves from SVF Flow Controls are anything but ordinary. Designed for durability, our process-quality ball valves have features which make them widely compatible and easy to install.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc Economy Valves Economy ValvesSVF Flow Controls General Purpose ball valves are built for economy and performance under a variety of process-control conditions, with solid construction, versatile designs and the most widely compatible materials.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc High Purity Valve High Purity Valves/CleanFLOWTM Ball ValvesCleanFLOWTM ball valves by SVF Flow Controls are true process components, specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of phar-maceutical, biotech, semiconductor, cosmetics, food & beverage and other industries where particle generation and contamination can threaten the outcome of processing. All CleanFLOWTM ball valves are available with controlled delta-ferrite chemistry.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc Flanged Valve Flanged ValvesSVF Flow Controls flanged valves are available in Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel, Standard Port or Full Port rang-ing in sizes from 1/2″ to 8″.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc High Pressure Valve High Pressure Valves High-pressure applications require precision engineering, rugged construction and special features for advanced performance and safety. SVF Flow Controls offers a full range of high-pressure valves for all high-pressure applications including hydraulics, steam, oxygen, vacuum, thermal fluids, chemical, oil and gas, food processing and dry or liquid chlorine.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc Specialty Valves Specialty Valves Unique applications, specialty materials, specific handling requirements for hazardous substances – whatever the processing need, SVF Flow Controls has a valve to meet it. All of our products are designed to meet or exceed industry performance and safety standards.
SVF Flow Controls, Inc NextekControls Automation & Controls/NEXTEK Controls NEXTEK Controls is a family of valve automation products that includes a range of actuators and accessories for the automation of quarter-turn valves that provide field control and connectivity. NEXTEK Controls was formed to high-light our products and capabilities and to serve as a Resource in developing and delivering automated valves to meet industry requirements for system integration, performance and value.