Valve Automation Solutions

When uptime and reliability depend on flawless performance, engineered modulating or on/off solutions. A customized solution engineered by NECI’s industry experts is the best option.

NECI evaluates your unique process, and recommends the best combination of products and services that align with your requirements. We can provide wired or wireless valve operating systems and fully automated valve packages that will reduce process variability, increase reliability and minimize maintenance.

We deliver a custom-engineered automated valve package that includes either our standard or customer customizable assembly testing, serialized quality documentation, or even an onsite retro-fit/modification of existing equipment.

Fisher Z500 assembly with Topworx

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What is your ideal engineered on/off valve solution?

  • Tolerant of high cycling, fast stroke, high temperatures and high pressures
  • Capable of flawless operation under severe-service conditions
  • Unfazed by conditions of large particles and inconsistent pH
  • Able to meet tight lead-time requirements
  • Capable of duplicating an existing solution and engineering it better and faster – and with an on time delivery.

Whatever your unique needs, NECI can deliver.





Product Technologies


Process Valves

When meeting production schedules, maintaining product quality, and streamlining energy consumption are top priorities, NECI has the right valve products to help you meet your goals. We represent more than 15 valve suppliers to get you the best valve for your application.


Pneumatic Actuators

We offer multiple Rack & Pinion, Piston, and Scottish Yoke actuator lines such as Bettis, Hytork, Field-Q, and QTRCO to meet your application needs. All of which can automated with limit switches, positioners, solenoids, and other automation accessories.


Electric Actuators

We supply electric actuators and custom linkage kits for valve and damper automation. Our industry-leading products include EIM Controls, Bettis, Rexa, and Valvcon.


Valve Automation Accessories

We provide a wide range of valve accessories, including digital valve controllers, Asco solenoid valves, pneumatic valve positioners, electro-pneumatic positioners, position transmitters, limit switches, trip valves, speed control valve’s , and volume boosters .


Valve Automation Service

The expert engineers at NECI provide a wide range of customized services that can include:

  • Automation of on-site isolation valve’s including gate valve, knife, butterfly, ball, and globe valves
  • Engineered stroke speed and failure mode solutions
  • Assembly of 3-way valve arrangements complete with tee, valves, slave linkage, and pneumatic or electric actuators (new or retrofit)
  • Large Inventory for quick turnaround when you need it!


Let NECI help you determine the best service option – whether it’s repair, retrofit, or replacement with assistance from our field technicians.