SureService Contracts

NECI SureService Support Agreements provide a program that addresses the operational and maintenance needs of your control system. We believe that by aligning your in-house system support team with NECI & Emerson’s factory support services, we will create a partnership whose goal is to ensure that your control system provides continuous top-notch performance and delivers better return on investment.

At NECI, we recognize that Process Automation System (PAS) support needs vary from one customer to another and that customers make investments over the system life cycle. Our support agreements consist of three types of support services:

System Availability Services

Keep the automation system running – The essential day-to-day system maintenance activities performed by the client’s own automation engineers with support from NECI SureService and Emerson teams. These services are designed to help achieve the desired level of certainty for system uptime.

Application Services

Apply the best technologies with a focus on prevention of system issues and improvement of plant operation. These services are designed to help achieve expected results of the technology and related work processes as the company reacts to evolving business conditions.

System Sustainability Services

Preserve the control system investment – To sustain the initial investment such that it matches the standard of the technology that can be routinely supported and serviced (i.e., minimize the total cost of ownership for keeping the system viable and ensuring the required level of system uptime).

 Emergency Support 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST Call:  508-339-5522
 Emergency After-Hours Support Call:         888-533-5828