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Fisher™ Type OSE Slam-Shut Valve
Type OSE slam-shut valve is used to rapidly cut the gas flow during an overpressure or underpressure event.
It is ideal for gas applications requiring positive shutoff protection, tight accuracy, fast speed of response, and high shock and vibration resistance. The top entry design makes in-line maintenance easy, saving time and manpower requirements.

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Fisher™ Type OSE Slam-Shut Valve


Body Sizes and End Connection Styles
WCC Steel: 1 and 2 NPT; NPS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 / DN 25, 50, 80, 100 and 150; CL150 RF, CL300 RF or CL600 RF
LCC Steel: NPS 8 and 10 / DN 200 and 250; CL150 RF, CL300 RF or CL600 RF
Cast Iron: 1 and 2 NPT; NPS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 / DN 25, 50, 80, 100 and 150; CL125 FF
Pressure Ratings
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 101 bar / 1470 psig or max. body rating
Maximum Set Pressure: 101 bar / 1470 psig or max. body rating
Minimum Set Pressure: 10 mbar / 4.02-inches w.c.
Maximum Shutoff Pressure Differential 100 bar / 1450 psig
Manometric Sensing Device Specifications
Spring Ranges: 10 mbar to 72,9 bar / 4.02-inches w.c. to 1058 psig
Maximum Sensing Inlet Pressure: 72,9 bar / 1058 psig
Setpoint Tolerance: 0,004 bar / 0.058 psig to 12,0 bar / 174 psig
Maximum Difference Between Overpressure and Underpressure: 33,0 bar / 479 psig
Temperature Capabilities
-30° to 82°C / -22° to 180°F
Pressure Sensing Connections
1/4 NPT
Explosion-proof switch
Non-explosion-proof limit switch
Additional manometric device for extra pressure sensing


  • Overpressure and Underpressure Protection
  • High Shock and Vibration Resistance - Type OSE incorporates a two-stage tripping mechanism that significantly reduces nuisance tripping caused by vibrations or inlet pressure variations commonly experienced by other shut-off valves.
  • High Accuracy - Maintains up to ±1% accuracy regardless of inlet pressure, flowrate and the size of the slam-shut.
  • Easy In-Line Maintenance - Top entry design reduces maintenance time and manpower requirements; parts can be inspected and replaced without removing the body from the line.
  • Water Tight - Type OSE is water tight to 10 ft / 3.0 m.
  • Positive Shutoff - After closing, the slam-shut valve stays closed until the system is shut down and the valve is manually reset. An O-ring on the valve plug seal provides tight shutoff.
  • Remote Alarm Capability - A limit switch is available that detects when the Type OSE slam-shut valve is tripped.


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