With the ever increasing need for integrating plant floor information with enterprise systems, the need for system security has never been greater. For this reason, security is integrated throughout the DeltaV system architecture.

    • DeltaV controllers have been hardened to mitigate specific, well-documented security threats.
    • Workstation hardening disables unused operating system services and disables CDROM and USB ports to prevent the introduction of viruses and malware.
    • The DeltaV Flexlock security application creates a secure workstation desktop to prevent unauthorized access outside of the DeltaV operations environment.
    • DeltaV Smart Switches provide auto lockdown to prevent unauthorized network connections on switch ports.
    • Unauthorized network devices cannot participate in DeltaV communications, because DeltaV devices are authenticated as part of system configuration.
    • Physical access to local equipment is not required for routine maintenance procedures and troubleshooting because system diagnostics are done over the network using DeltaV workstations.


Ethernet network switches and security devices are treated as DeltaV devices and fully preconfigured for purpose. Alerts and diagnostics from these devices are integrated with other maintenance alerts so your maintenance staff can quickly address any issues.

The DeltaV role-based security ensures that you have the correct privilege for each task. When you make changes to system users and their privileges in DeltaV User Manager, the changes are immediately applied across all DeltaV applications and Windows security is automatically updated.

Security extends up to the enterprise applications through web services providing two-way, authenticated communications for historical process data, control and advanced control data, alarms and events, and batch based information. Unlike other automation systems, the data includes status information from the intelligent field devices. Instead of wondering if critical business decision-making information coming from the automation system is accurate – the validity of the data comes along with the data.

Automated Patch Delivery. For easier patch management, systems that are covered under Guardian Support sends approved anti-virus, security, and DeltaV system patches, plus related installation instructions to a computer in the DMZ above your DeltaV system.