Provox & RS3 Migration

Your automation investments over the last 20 years have helped you to gain a competitive edge, while delivering a sizable return on investment. But with today’s increasing global competition, you need even higher performance from your process.

Modernizing your automation system and architecture requires a flexible approach. Equipment has different life spans. You want to preserve system components with remaining useful life to get the highest return, and simplify the eventual change for the operations and maintenance staff.

Modernization also requires making a business case to justify the capital spend. NECI can help you quantify your current control performance limitations, unplanned downtime, and other operational costs. Modernizing your automation system can be done while the process remains operational without the need to wait for a planned shutdown or plant turnaround.

At your pace, you can expand, interoperate, and eventually transition your PROVOX or RS3 equipment to the PlantWeb architecture. Expand your control performance with a stand-alone DeltaV system, or connect the systems via time tested, proven serial connections or OPC Mirror connections. Interoperate systems with applications like DeltaV Operate for PROVOX and DeltaV Operate for RS3 to provide a common operator station across your systems. You can transition your PROVOX or RS3 controllers for the additional performance and embedded advanced control, digital busses, and comprehensive diagnostics supported by DeltaV controllers. DeltaV Controller for PROVOX I/O and DeltaV Controller for RS3 I/O help you maintain your I/O and wiring investments – reducing commissioning time and expense.

System Life Planning

NECI and Emerson can help you with the System Life Planning process, part of the SureService family of support services. A system life study reviews your automation system’s current status, evaluating operational, process and maintenance issues affecting your plant. It also incorporates your plant’s business direction, objectives, and issues creating a plan that:

  • Builds a financial justification case
  • Identifies plant business benefits that justify upgrades
  • Creates a versatile road map that adjusts to changes in business conditions
  • Enables a means to manage maintenance costs
  • Identifies measurable operational improvements
  • Incorporates years of experience from process and product experts