Native WirelessHART Integration

Emerson’s SmartWireless solutions allow you to leverage the power of predictive intelligence in areas of your plant that were previously out of physical or economic reach.

At the heart of this technology is a self-organizing network, based on the globally accepted WirelessHART standard (IEEE 802.15.4) that is secure, robust, and reliable. The network devices implement encryption, authentication, verification, anti-jamming and key management methods to ensure that data transmissions are secure.

The integration of these wireless devices into your DeltaV system is easy. As WirelessHART devices are powered on and self-organize into wireless field networks, the DeltaV system recognizes these devices directly on the DeltaV network (using either a DeltaV Wireless I/O Card or a Smart Wireless Gateway) and makes them available for operators and maintenance technicians. Unlike other automation systems, no data mapping or non-value engineering is required.

AMS Device Manager with the AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application helps you effectively plan and monitor your wireless network for maximum process availability.