Integrated Safety & Smart SIS

A smart SIS shuts down your plant when needed for safety, but keeps you running safely when components fail. As a key element of Emerson’s Smart SIS, the DeltaV SIS safety management system reliably protects your assets by providing an integrated approach to complete safety loops.

The DeltaV SIS system helps you to improve your process safety by continuously monitoring and diagnosing the ability of the sensors, logic solvers, and final control elements to perform on demand as required. To increase your process availability, the DeltaV SIS system detects component failures and keeps you running when other systems might shut you down.

The DeltaV SIS system has a completely separate hardware and operating system design from the DeltaV controller and I/O subsystem and is not in any way dependent on the standard DeltaV controller to perform its safety function. This design provides the separation described in the IEC 61508 international safety standard. The engineering and operating environments are fully integrated to reduce training costs, simplify installation, provide faster and more reliable communications, reduce overall project integration time, provide better handling of status information, and improve fault handling. This integrated yet separate approach helps you more easily achieve IEC 61511 safety compliance.