Integrated Machinery Monitoring

As turbomachinery and mechanical equipment deteriorate, performance decreases, throughput is reduced, and unplanned shutdowns are possible. When operators have visibility to the performance of these high stakes assets, they can make process adjustments and reduce process disruptions. Real-time integration of machinery information in the DeltaV system delivers actionable information to operations staff.

Emerson’s technologies streamline integration in three easy steps: scan, configure, and import. From AMS Suite and the CSI 6500, asset parameters are scanned and then imported to the DeltaV system.

This streamlined integration greatly reduces the hurdles to bringing machinery health issues to your operators so that they can run the plant more efficiently and prevent equipment damage. The pre-engineered solution introduced in DeltaV v11 mean that you can:

  • Reduce complex and expensive integration
  • Build operator graphics fast
  • Provide out-of-the-box machinery health diagnostics for operators