Continuous Historian & Event Chronicle

Process historical data and event information are critical to the optimal operation of your plant. Data collection systems need to extend beyond the boundaries of the control system and access critical information from intelligent field devices. The DeltaV Continuous Historian and Event Chronicle natively provide this functionality.

Continuous Historian

The DeltaV Continuous Historian provides a database designed for storage and retrieval of historical data within the DeltaV System. As with all DeltaV tools, there is an emphasis on ease of use and minimal configuration. As each DeltaV control module is configured, historical data collection for that control module is configured as well. Out of the box, the faceplate for each control module has a button to automatically bring up a trend for process variables contained in the control module. Custom trends with multiple user-defined process variables can be easily created by operators.

Designed to support the PlantWeb Architecture, the DeltaV Continuous Historian provides a data repository for the information from intelligent field devices. The DeltaV Continuous Historian captures the value, timestamp, and status or validity of the information from these intelligent field devices. You can make better decisions with this high fidelity data.

The DeltaV Continuous Historian is highly scalable from 250 to 30,000 data points. DeltaV regulatory and advanced control applications including model predictive control and neural networks use the historical information and its associated status.

Event Chronicle

The DeltaV Event Chronicle captures all system events, such as operator changes, installation of control modules, process and device alarms, sequence of events, and changes in device status. Details associated with each event, such as who made the change and when, are recorded in the chronicle. The system is designed to capture this event data and the associated time stamps at the lowest possible level in the system. This provides a more accurate view of the system alarms and events.

Multiple Event Chronicles can be used in the DeltaV system to collect events from different plant areas or from the same plant areas for added data availability and robustness. Since the events are time stamped in the DeltaV controller, multiple Event Chronicles will always have consistent time stamps.

Beyond DeltaV

Beyond the boundaries of your DeltaV system, the Plantwide Event Historian captures and displays event data such as alarms, operator actions, system events, and sequences of events from DeltaV and third-party automation systems throughout the entire plant.

In DeltaV version 10.3, Enterprise PI engine from OSI Soft can run in a DeltaV Application Station. Once installed, the “embedded” PI enterprise historian is easily configured and used just like the native DeltaV Continuous Historian.

The web browser-based History Analysis application provides DeltaV historical batch, continuous and event data to any user on the Web. Intuitive data search capabilities, like popular web search sites, and a task-based user interface, make it easy for even non-DeltaV users to find the right data. Analyzing batch data is easy – it automatically associates the batch and continuous process data as well as provides for multiple batch comparisons. Once identified, you can easily export data via open, XML-based text files for use in specialized analysis software.