Agile Manufacturing: Batch Control

Process manufacturers are required to possess the ability to respond quickly to their customers’ demands and to changes in their process.

DeltaV Batch software best meets your agile manufacturing demands. It starts with the automatic allocation of your process units to maximize throughput and avoid manual-selection errors. To simplify operator selections and minimize error potential, you can define equipment trains to select the valid equipment paths through which the process can flow. With the DeltaV Batch software, your operators can change units or update recipes on the fly. This flexibility helps reduce unplanned downtime and makes it easier to address unforeseen circumstances.

DeltaV Batch offers a complete suite of products that were built to support the ISA-88.01 Standard for Batch Control. DeltaV Batch fully supports compliance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements with recipe and campaign management, batch history, automatic version control and change management, and electronic signature support.

DeltaV Batch is inherently integrated with the DeltaV system. Data is entered once into a common global database – no data mapping is needed. In DeltaV Operate, your operators have easy access to all batch information in a single, integrated environment. Additionally, Batch records are automatically collected for easy regulatory compliance.

The DeltaV Batch software integrates tightly with Emerson’s Syncade Smart Operations Management Software to provide a single recipe engineering environment, a single recipe execution environment, and a single data collection environment for your automatic and manual processes.

Agile manufacturing also requires secure, highly validated information exchange between levels of the ISA95 information hierarchy. DeltaV Batch provides web services through a secure, service-oriented architecture (SOA) gateway to allow enterprise planning systems to make informed scheduling decisions and initiate advanced unit and Batch operations.