Digital Field Device Management – AMS Device Manager

The seamless integration of AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager with the DeltaV system enables your operations and maintenance teams to easily monitor field device health status. Plant personnel can then work together to resolve potential issues before they become costly problems.

AMS Device Manager and DeltaV software help you move to a predictive maintenance environment by giving plant staff a window into the health of intelligent field devices. Based on real-time diagnostics from intelligent field devices, your staff can respond quickly and make informed decisions to prevent unexpected downtime.

With AMS Device Manager, you can monitor status and alerts on drives, instruments, and valves, troubleshoot from the control room, perform advanced diagnostics, manage calibration, and automatically document activities with a single application. AMS Device Manager uses device data brought in through DeltaV I/O cards for FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART, WirelessHART (DeltaV and AMS Device Manager v10), and Profibus DP (DeltaV and AMS Device Manager v11) devices.

The DeltaV system has the commissioning and monitoring power of AMS Device Manager included. This combination connects your operations with the predictive intelligence in smart devices and creates PlantWeb – for greater availability.