Process Optimization – Advanced Process Controls

From control loop performance monitoring through process optimization, improving your process is easy with the DeltaV system’s embedded advanced control and simulation. The DeltaV Suite of embedded advanced control products gives you the capability to develop the right control strategies for your plant, at a fraction of the traditional cost. Designed for use by any process engineer, advanced control has never been easier.

DeltaV Insight

Reducing control variability can lead to improvements in quality, throughput, and energy consumption that can increase plant profitability and decrease maintenance costs. DeltaV InSight helps you spot sources of excessive variability like slipping or sticking control valves, drifting or improperly installed transmitters, poorly tuned loops, and less than optimal control strategies.

The DeltaV InSight application monitors control performance, identifies and diagnoses problem loops, recommends tuning and maintenance improvements, provides control performance reports, and continuously adapts to changing conditions to optimize your plant performance.

DeltaV InSight provides two approaches to loop tuning:

On-Demand Tuning: Uses on-demand testing of the process to automatically provide tuning recommendations. (Previously available with DeltaV Tune.)

Adaptive Tuning: Uses past changes in setpoint or output to “learn” the process dynamics and automatically provide tuning recommendations. No additional plant tests are required.

DeltaV Adapt

DeltaV Adapt continuously adjusts PID tuning for optimal control as process conditions change. In addition to calculating new tuning, DeltaV Adapt also remembers the best tuning from the last time it was controlling in the same operating region. And best of all, DeltaV Adapt can be applied to any PID loop in the control system –without control configuration changes.


DeltaV Fuzzy

DeltaV Fuzzy offers a practical, field-proven substitute for PID control for processes that may benefit from non-linear control action. Using an embedded fuzzy logic control algorithm with automated loop tuning, requires no special expertise in fuzzy logic. DeltaV Fuzzy is robust and provides superior performance over PID control in many cases, providing faster response to set point changes or load disturbances without overshoot. Benchmark tests have shown loop performance improvement of 30-40% over traditional PID.

DeltaV Neural

DeltaV Neural provides a practical way to create virtual sensors for measurements previously available only through the use of lab analysis or online analyzers. Easy to understand and use, DeltaV Neural gives process engineers a way to produce extremely accurate results, even without prior knowledge of neural network theory. DeltaV Neural automatically uses the historical data provided from the embedded historian, making it easy for you to quickly train the neural network and verify the accuracy of the resulting model

DeltaV Predict & PredictPro

Obtain greater throughput, reduced variability, and increased profitability by using DeltaV Predict and DeltaV PredictPro to implement multivariable model predictive control strategies. DeltaV Predict and PredictPro use the power of model predictive control to easily address process Interaction and difficult dynamics. Since DeltaV Predict and PredictPro are fully embedded in the DeltaV system, you can use pre-engineered components and function blocks to quickly develop, validate, test and deploy your multivariable control strategies.

DeltaV Simulate

DeltaV Simulate is a separate application that lets you use all DeltaV software for training and development without purchasing duplicate system hardware. This means you can use exactly the same software provided with your actual DeltaV system at a fraction of the cost. With the DeltaV Simulate suite you can also explore features of the DeltaV system that you have not yet purchased. All features supported by the DeltaV system – such as continuous control, batch control, advanced control and the associated workstation displays, alarms, and historian data collection – may be configured without the need for DeltaV hardware or licenses. By having access to all software, you can try every one of the powerful DeltaV capabilities in your control strategies.