DeltaV Digital Automation System

The DeltaV Digital Automation System helps you improve your operations by leveraging a suite of digital busses, predictive technologies, precision advanced control, and easy enterprise integration and optimization to connect your people, processes, and production.

As a key part of the PlantWeb Digital Plant Architecture, the DeltaV system fully integrates “Smart Plant” capabilities including WirelessHART, HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, high-speed discrete busses, embedded advanced control, and advanced unit and batch management.

The inherent integration of the DeltaV system extends to batch, advanced control, change management, engineering tools, diagnostics, simulation, and event and continuous historian. In addition, the DeltaV system provides seamless integration with solutions at all levels of the plant, including:

The DeltaV system is built from the ground up for ultimate scalability. Regardless of your application’s size, the DeltaV system keeps the same look and feel. This reduces administration and training costs, and optimizes both initial investment and future expansions.

The new release of DeltaV (v11) offers significant enhancements to the system hardware, I/O, operator displays, asset management, batch, and security. Based on a “Human-Centered-Design” the new S-Series hardware platform leverages the game changing concept of CHARM I/O to provide “Electronic Marshalling” capabilities which offers unprecedented design efficiency, flexibility, and plant availability.