Broadley-James Bioreactors

NECI is a representative of Broadley-James BioNet Bioreactor Control System. A DeltaV-based Bioreactor Control System Solution; providing the BioNet Bioreactor, Utility Tower and Controller, which uses DeltaV as the control platform. With an extreme appreciation for process measurement and controller, Broadley James and NECI work together to provide New England Companies a seamless project experience and ensure long-term local supportability of the BioNet Solution.

NECI can help you leverage PlantWeb technology to increase uptime, optimize your assets’ performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Modular Bioreactor System

The new Modular BioNet system space saving design frees up the entire benchtop to be used for more vessels or analytical instruments and significantly reduces the traditional wiring clutter associated with multi vessel installations. This system design breaks the Bioreactor Control System into three smaller subcomponents:

  1. Pump Module
  2. Gas MFC Module
  3. Dual Vessel Utility Module

The BioNet Modular System offers a number of options for the networked HMI user interface:

  • Traditional Benchtop Workstations
  • Locally Mounted Touch Screens
  • Secure Wireless PC Tablets
  • Designed for Cell Culture Or Microbial Applications
  • Built-In Continuous Historian To Securely Archive All Process Data
  • Various Control Strategies For Fed-Batch And Perfusion Applications
  • Sensor Calibration And Sensor Diagnostics Data Stored For Better Experimental Management
  • User Definable Substrate Feed Control Strategies Based Upon On-Line BGA Measurements

BioNet Rocker Bioreactor System

BioNet Rocker unit for use with Disposable Bioprocess Containers. The BioNet Rocker Module can accommodate either a 50L bag or a 20L bag. The 20L base assembly can also accept either one or two 10L bags. As an option, the Rocker Module may be combined with a BioNet Pump Module and a BioNet Gas Module for optimal cell culture control.

  • A Single Use Alternative To Conventional Stirred Tank Bioreactors
  • Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF) Film
  • Sizes 50 Liters Through 1,000 Liters
  • Pre-Sterilized Bag, No Cleaning Or Sterilization Needed
  • Powerful & Flexible DeltaV Based BioNet® Control System
  • All Bag Contact Parts Are Single-Use, Class VI Tested And Arrive Ready For Use
  • Simplifies Validation Processes
  • 50 Through 1000 Liter Working Volumes
  • Scalable Technology To Support Increasing Volume Demands
  • Minimizes Investment, Maximizes Return

Single Use Bioreactor System

The Thermo Scientific HyClone S.U.B. (Single-Use Bioreactor) with BioNet control provides all the advantages of single-use bioprocessing with the power and flexibility of DeltaV control.

The System consists of a reusable stainless steel outer support container and HyClone S.U.B. BioProcess Container (BPC) which integrates with the BioNet/DeltaV Bioreactor Control System.

  • Industry Compatible Design For Easy Migration
  • 316L Stainless Steel Rocker Plate
  • Dual Temperature Zone Control, DualPT100 RTD Sensors
  • Quiet, Smooth, Efficient Rocking Motion
  • Ability To Accept Variety Of Bag Types And Sizes
  • Designed To Provide Maximum Reliability In The Lab
  • Precise Digital Speed And Temperature Control
  • PID Control of Rocking Angle And Rate
  • Zero Maintenance Long-Life DC Servo Motor