Alternative Fuels

The demand for reliable fuel sources beyond traditional fossil fuels has never been greater. As organizations work to meet the challenges of the Alternative Energy Industry, NECI and Emerson leverage best practices to achieve commercial viability. Our teams deliver solutions ranging from bench top packages to volume manufacturing control platforms while remaining focused on these important drivers:

  • Reducing the time to market of product
  • Enhancing your ability to transfer technology
  • Improving manufacturing performance, availability, and reporting
  • Optimizing process variables
  • Maximizing the BTU efficiency of the process
  • Assuring local, regional, and global support

NECI aligns with organizations striving to develop fuels based on various stages and approaches such as gasification, GMO, fermentation, and hydrolysis. We leverage our product and industry experience in process automation to maximize the capital investment of every application. In addition to local engineered services and support, our strategic partnerships with regional and global firms ensure a low-risk scale-up as the process is expanded.

Speak with a NECI representative to learn more about our integral involvement in this growing field!